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Primary investigation step to resolve database slowness issue

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Manually Changing a Checkpoint Key in sql 2008 Cluster

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Bringing SQL Server Online Outside Cluster Services

Bringing SQL Server Online Outside Cluster Services

Sometimes a SQL Server instance will not come online due to problems that prevent the Cluster service from getting a successful IsAlive result from the SQL Server instance. In these cases, it might be valuable to bring the SQL Server instance online from a command prompt so that you can perform troubleshooting and emergency maintenance.

This technique involves bringing a SQL Server instance online outside the control of the Service Control Manager. The SQL Server resource will appear to be offline from the Failover Cluster Management console and the Cluster service will not be managing the SQL Server instance. No failover or restart of the SQL Server instance will occur in this state. After it is online, the SQL Server instance will be available to clients on the network.

This technique is typically used to bring up the SQL Server instance when configuration issues are causing SQL Server to fail. Microsoft recommends that you only use this technique for intermediate troubleshooting steps because automated failover of the SQL Server instance is not available in this state. The technique involves the following steps:

  1. Bring all SQL Server disk resources online via the Failover Cluster Management console.
  2. Bring all SQL Server IP address resources online via the Failover Cluster Management console.
  3. Bring the SQL Server network name resource online via the Failover Cluster Management console.
  4. From the Command Prompt window, navigate to your SQL Server directory and execute the following code:
    sqlservr.exe –c –s<instance name>
  5. Leave the Command Prompt window open and do not minimize it. Closing the window or logging off will stop the SQL Server.
  6. To stop the server, press CTRL+C. You will be prompted for confirmation of shutdown.
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Troubleshooting SQL Server 2008 Failover Clusters

This document is publised by microsft and I am bit modified it to make user friendly.

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