SQL Server 2012 New edition and additional change in Installation

SQL Server 2012 New edition and additional change in Installation

Since couple of month I have started using the SQL server 2012 extensively and here everybody curious about that SQL server 2012 Business Intelligence Edition and what is additional point keep it in mind during Installation

Microsoft has changed the available editions with the launch of SQL Server 2012. A new Business Intelligence Edition now joins Standard and Enterprise; however if you are looking for Datacenter, Workgroup, or Web Editions, you will not find them as Microsoft has dropped them. Developer and Express Editions are still very much alive.

If you do not want the whole feature set that Enterprise Edition offers, but need to do some business intelligence gathering and processing, then this new edition may do the job. The database engine supports up to 16 cores, while SSRS and SSAS can use the maximum that your OS supports.

It am bit surprised that  columnstore indexes feture is not supported on the 2012 Business Intelligence Edition as these new indexes will bring performance gains to any data warehouse. However, if you decide on Business Intelligence Edition, you will benefit from most of the other BI features available in Enterprise Edition including Power View, PowerPivot for SharePoint Server, Data Quality Services (DQS) and Master Data Services (MDS).

Installation Future change


Once your Windows server is prepared, double-click on the setup.exe file to begin installing SQL Server. On the Planning screen, For a new installation, click on the top

link: New SQL Server stand-alone installation…This will start the setup process:

Enter your license key number or choose to run it as an evaluation On the next screen click to accept the software license terms. When you arrive at the Setup Support Rules screen, you will need to address any reported issues before proceeding.

Once you are on the Setup Support Role screen, leave the first option of SQL

Server Feature Installation checked, unless you want to change it, and click on Next.

Business Intelligence Developer Studio (BIDS) has been replaced with SQL Server Data Tools, which is used to develop reports, create packages, and build Analysis Services objects such as cubes and dimensions.

If you are installing Analysis Services, then you will get the so the screen for SSAS options appears. Choose your server mode, either Multidimensional and Data Mining Mode (your analytical objects are stored in the OLAP engine and queried using MDX) or Tabular Mode (your analytical objects are stored in the xVelocity engine and queried using DAX). If you are unsure, choose the default and if you need to run both modes, you can later install a separate instance to run in the other mode.

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