Oracle ERP Cloud Applications is corrcet choice in today world

Oracle ERP Cloud Applications is corrcet choice in today world

Author: Rajib Kundu

Rajib Kundu is a SQL Server Evangelist/Cloud Architect with over 16 years of Expertise.A husband, father of boy, entrepreneur, Rajib has learned throughout his journey the value of hard work and giving back. Rajib is a hard working & high energy individual fueled by his passion to help people and solve problems on SQL Server and Robotic Process Automation. Rajib Kundu is a technology enthusiast with a track record of delivering breakthrough innovations at leading Indian pure play & multi national IT companies. Equally comfortable with executives, creative directors and engineers, Rajib has differentiated himself through his ability to balance business and technology needs to deliver powerful solutions. Rajib Kundu Innovative with demonstrated success in increasing revenues, market share, and earnings, achieving cost reduction, and improving client satisfaction in customer-facing operations and large, diverse organisation. Expertise in management and implementation of complex corporate acquisition initiatives and successful organisation Integrations. Talent for analysing competitive landscape, conducting research, and aligning product offering with customer requirements which translates into lower product development and Implementation costs. Reputation as a change agent With the ability to analyse issues, devise continuous process Improvements, and incorporate business process outsourcing Initiatives to Increase efficiency ,streamline operations, and decrease aggregate expenses With limited resources. You can contact me here: India:-+91-9731155800 | USA & Canada: +1- 647-694-1826 | Skype:

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