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RPA Journey with Us

Our purpose is to create an automation design solution that works for your organization and business regulatory environment. We catalyse meaningful dialogue between the business, operations and IT. This assists in making critical assessments and connections across various platforms, multi dimensions and verticals or ventures at a quicker pace, backed by solid AI and RPA strategies, tried and tested methods of problem tackling and solution seeking breakthroughs. The implementation processes thus provides the client with assured deliverables on Time, Labor and Management optimization policies directly proportional to the ROI gains.ReayanshSoftRPA

New Age of Robotic Process Automation

New Age of Robotic Process Automation

RoboNext RPA Framework

RoboNext is a robust, proven framework to take full advantage of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Taking care of everything for you, we deliver a full, end-to-end range of automation services — from building the business case to running the new virtual workforce. All our automations are technology agnostic, platform independent and non-intrusive to current IT Infrastructure.

Our framework allows you to:
• Reduce your operational costs
• Increase the agility and speed of your operations
• Redirect your people to tasks that add value
• Improve employee satisfaction
• Reduce your time to market
• Improve the quality and consistency of services for customers
• Improve the accuracy of repetitive processes
• Increase the level of business insight available to your organization

Solutions lays the path towards Robotic Process Automation. We help you understand what you need vs what you want.
For example:
• RPA vs process automation? Robot vs Bot?
• Cognitive, cognition and machine learning? RPA vs intelligent automation?
• Desktop vs enterprise vs virtual?
• Outsourcer vs enterprise perspective?
• Which RPA strategy – process automation, bot farm, virtual workforce
• Repatriate work? Business led or IT led?
• Technology configuration vs end use application?

We help you navigate these and other complexities to ensure the best decision for your organization