How are Citagus Oracle and SQL Server DBA services different from others in the Marketplace?

Citagus Software ( provides world-class SQL Server consultants. All Citagus consultants exceed the highest qualifications in the industry to ensure that our clients receive world-class SQL Server support and SQL Server consulting services. With our Remote DBA services, you buy only those Remote DBA hours that you require, and only up to the level you require the service. You are guaranteed to have a certified SQL server Remote DBA constantly watching your databases.

How Citagus SQL Server Remote DBA services different from others in the Marketplace?

  • Help out to reduce Downtime and Helps Its Customers to Improve Service.
  • Supports Expansion by Boosting Speed, Control, and Savings with Microsoft SQL server
  • Reduces risk by speeding automatic failover by 100 percent
  • Accelerated data access and increased security
  • Reduces performance bottlenecks to handle higher sales volumes
  • Improves availability of a mission critical reservation system
  • Supports rapid business growth
  • SQL Server Reporting Services, Power View and AlwaysOn
  • Increased speed of ad-hoc analysis and productivity.
  • Simpler solution enables 99.999 availability
  • Rapidly provisions new virtual machines with IT control
  • Helps Customers Make Better Decisions with Higher Quality Data by Data quality services and master data services
  • With the Power View tool in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, our analysts have flexible, powerful data visualization tools that help them make better and faster business decisions
  • Create business solutions fast, on your terms across server and private or public cloud
  • With SQL Server running in the private cloud, we  only need a few minutes to deploy a new instance
  • Dedicated expert remote DBA teams for every client (with onsite DBAs if required)
  • Reduces workload for IT staff and information workers
  • Service delivery approach driven by ITIL/ITSM frameworks, customized to unique client environments
  • 24/7*365 round the clock high availability of Expert Senior DBA teams (most certified at the highest levels)
  • We offer innovative services, and ensure customer satisfaction. With any SQL Server version  that’s what we can do: deliver better solutions up to 50 percent faster, for less money

At Citagus, our primary objective is what we affectionately call “Clients for Life” – by this we mean that because we have served our clients so well, they keep coming back to us for their next need, or they may even stay with us in a Support mode.  Secondly, we like to tell new prospects that we are “big enough to offer quality and small enough to care”.  Our well known clients have all been with us for 4-6 years continuously and we provide a variety of our services to them.  While we work hard, we also have some fun along the way and strive to achieve balance between our personal lives and the way we work.

We look forward to hearing from you so that we may better understand your business needs in this regard.

To troubleshooting complex problems what kind of Behaviors and attitudes require for DBA teach Manager

I would like to share a thought. I am very frequently received the question from my peer , other team mate how you can manage so long hours shift time  whereas as per DBA manger profile to own all the DBA operations (SQL Server, Analysis service and Reporting  service), provide technical guidance, client interactions, team building and people management and ensuring strong handshake between onsite – offshore teams. We are worked as single person in shift and 250 server in your shoulder. I am not only the person as per current trend cause it is a  support industry current trend   and everywhere Tech manager need to take the responsibility. The Technical manager has to take the other  responsibility like – Connecting & communicating with key stakeholders, Identifying & dealing with risks  and  sticking to scheduled budget & time.


The following behaviors  and attitudes are characteristic of the most effective  professionals when troubleshooting complex problems:Sorce(SQL server 2012 Internal Book)

➤      Remain calm — Stay objective, no matter  how urgent the problem.  Project confidence and calmness to your peers, end users, and management, even if they show signs of stress or panic. This reassures them that you are in control  and able to resolve the problem.  These people are more likely to give you the time and space necessary to investigate and resolve the issue if they trust your capability.

➤      Remember that problems are never random — Problems with computers happen  for a reason. When you don’t understand the reason,  the cause may seem random, but there is always an explanation. Intermittent or infrequent problems  in particular appear  random; seek to identify patterns or correlating events that could lead to the circumstances that cause the problem.

➤     Avoid intolerance — Never assume that you know how to solve a problem  until you have a problem  description and have done some basic testing. It is not necessary to provide an instant  answer; the correct answer with a short delay trumps  a quick, inaccurate answer. This habit also builds your credibility with management as a reliable and capable engineer.

➤      Avoid looking for fixes — Ensure that finding the cause is your first priority!  The people around you will be pressing hard for a fix or an estimated  time to fix. The fix is the goal, but you must first lay the foundation by understanding the cause.

➤      Think ahead — Proactively consider potential blockers.  If you may need to restore the data- base, start the tape retrieval process in parallel with troubleshooting. This reduces overall downtime and impact if you do need to revert to the backup.


 sql 2012 Inter Book

Since cople of days I am reading the book and it is so nice . WE ALL HAVE  SQL SERVER books that are considered  a must have; the ones that every serious SQL Server Professional  displays proudly  on their bookshelf and it is come under the same catagory . It is so nicely clarify the SQL SERVER ARCHITECTURE , memory Sorage and DEMYSTIFYING HARDWARE . The QUERY PROCESSING AND EXECUTION part is so nice  which help you to dig out the root cause of any performence issue.

Refresh database from SQL 2008 to SQL 2005 by using import/Export

Today I got request refresh database from Production to QA; my production server is SQL 2008 R2 and QA environment is SQL 2005. Well is it possible to downgrade database version or try to make SQL fool by detaching and attaching data and log files from higher version to lower. Database on SQL 2008 has bit different file structure and system tables and SQL 2005 does not understand the SQL 2008 structure hence cannot restore or attach/detach.

Answer is NO and never. What are other options???? My SQL 2008 database has store procedures, Function, Views and tables has identity column. To overcome this I used combination of IMPORT and EXPORT and scripts out the all the objects from production. This method is useful for the table which has the identity column and Values in PROD and QA are identical. Below are the few steps.

(I’m not going into details steps to perform import/export and understand even novice DBA can perform and understand import/export)


1) Drop all the objects in QA server or drop the database and create it with same configuration.

2) Go to Production server and click on the database. Where you want to create scripts.

a) Right click on Database à Tasks àGenerate Scripts

b) In Generate script wizards select all the objects à Save to file and click advance option à change script version to SQL 2005

c) Finish the wizard. (Script will have create objects as well alter object steps)

3) Go to QA server and on the blank database

a) Run the generated scripts only create statements (Crate table/Create sp/Create Function/create Views. At this time do not run alter statements. Alter statements does creates FK or constraint)

b) This would create all blank objects.

4) Go to production servers.

a) Right Click on the databaseà Tasksà Export. This will start the import/export wizard. Select correct source and designation servers and database.

b) Select tables/View àselect the table you want to export and select Edit Mappings and click Enable identity insert. Click ok and finish the wizard. Enable identity insert can be set for non-identity tables. It will apply only for identity columns, so no need to check is table has identity column or not. This is easy if database has thousands of tables.

Citagus SQL DBA Support for Client

Citagus is a leading-edge IT solutions and services company established with a specific mission of providing comprehensive, top of the line solutions around PeopleSoft, SQL server & Oracle .The word ‘Citagus’ is derived out of ‘citos’ and ‘ageos’ which in latin means ‘Act Fast’. At Citagus, we ‘Act Fast’ to resolve our customer problems and meet and exceed their expectations. The consolidation of expertise in industry, software and IT solutions gives rise to new, one-stop solutions from Citagus. The global best business practices help you increase efficiency, improve productivity and achieve operational excellence.

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