Problem loading RDL file in SSRS 2005

Issue: Problem loading RDL file in SSRS 2005.When User open a up VS Studio  2005 and double click on a report to open it. He got a dialog box to display some tmp file and on the main screen and  see a message displaying:

“Navigation to the webpage was canceled”


Based on my knowledge, your problem was because IE settings or network settings.

Then I found related explanation on this page

“After you install security update 961260 (MS09-002) on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, you may experience a problem when you visit some Web pages that are in different Internet Explorer security zones. When the problem occurs, you receive a message that resembles the following:

Navigation to the webpage was canceled
This problem occurs if the navigation causes Protected Mode settings to change from On to Off. You can determine which Internet Explorer security zone a Web page is in by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the Internet Explorer 7 window.

So please show us your IE version, we may fix this by solution listed on that page.

For example,
“Undo workaround method 3: Disable Protected Mode for the “Trusted Sites” zone

1.Click Start

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Start button , type Internet Options in the Start Search box, and then click Internet Options in the Programs list.
2.Click the Security tab, and then click Trusted Sites in the Select a zone to view or change security settings area.
3.Click to clear the Enabled Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer) check box, and then click OK.
4.Restart Internet Explorer.

Reference Link:

SSRS services did not start after the weekly reboot at SQL server 2008 R2,even though the service is set to automatic

I am faced with a recurring  issue of reporting service  not starting up  after the weekly scheduled reboot of SQL server 2008 R2 production server , even though the service is set to automatic. As per Microsoft, their suggestion is to apply the CU 7 ( KB 2844090) to fix the issue, but then we were not facing the same issue with QA server . I have spent some more time by going through the reporting service log file.  The issue has now been resolved without applying the patch. I have changed the service parameter at registry and rebooted the server to ensure that SSRS is turned on after the reboot. The SSRS services started automatically after the reboot and believe we would not encounter this issue from next week onwards.



Issue: SSRS services did not start after the weekly reboot




•Open Reg Edit

•Navigate to the following registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control”

•Right-click Control, and create a new DWORD with the name “ServicesPipeTimeout”, and then press ENTER.

•Right-click “ServicesPipeTimeout”, and then click Modify.

•Select Decimal, and type 60000 (this will allow the service 1 minute to start)

•Restart Machine

Reporting Services is showing as ‘Change Pending’.

Issue: Reporting Services is showing as ‘Change Pending’



To fix the issue we have to go task manager then need to right click reporting servicesservice.exe file then click Go to Services which will help out to pointing the correct reporting service which need to Kill. It is applicable if is there multiple reporting service. Once you kill then it is clearly identify service are in stopped mode which could be start. If is there single instance then you can click on Reporting ServicesService.exe and click on the end process tree.



Writen By Pratyusha Kundu

How you can make the Reporting service is a cluster aware

As we know Reporting Services is not cluster aware, regardless of what Edition you are running. Though the databases can be installed on Clustered SQL Server instances and will fail over successfully, the Reporting Services service itself is not cluster aware and will need to be installed on all servers in the cluster.

To host a report server database on a SQL Server failover cluster, the cluster must already be installed and configured. You can then select the failover cluster as the server name when you create the report server database. Although the Report Server Windows service and Web service cannot participate in a failover cluster, you can install Reporting Services on a computer that has a SQL Server failover cluster installed. The report server runs independently of the failover cluster.

Step Need to follow :Assume the name of the SQL cluster is VSQL and the cluster nodes are A1 and A2.

  1.       Install IIS and RS on the default instance, MSSQLServer, on both A1 and A2.
  2.       On the A1 – Configure the RS to create the RS databases on the SQL cluster and RS server name as VSQLReports.
  3.       On the A2 – with the same RS server name and V2, Configure the RS to connect the previously created Report Server and ReportServerTempDB.
  4.       Make sure to use the same Window Service ID on both nodes
  5.       The Web Service Identity is NT Authority\NetworkService
  6.       As RS is not the cluster aware, so both of the RS services should be Started
  7.       When connect to the RS, it will be something like http:// VSQLReports /reports/